Interstate 2, also known south of Spawnton as the Southern Freeway, and between Spawnton and Broton as the Winter Hills Expressway, is the major north-south interstate of Heaven. Interstate 2 runs through South Heaven, Central Heaven, Broton State, and North Heaven, and runs through or runs adjacent to the notable cities and settlements of Riverside, Lakeville, Spawnton, Broton City, and Avalon.

Route historyEdit

The first portion of what would become Interstate 2 was the Winter Hills Expressway between Spawnton and Broton. Interstate 2 originally entered into Broton's Industrial district, formed a junction with what is now Interstate 5, then curved west towards downtown Broton. In downtown, the interstate ran through a tunnel, then ran between the Broton stadium and Broton Capitol grounds, before exiting to the northeast of the city. Much of the original route of the expressway was later abandoned or converted into different routes, and the Interstate no longer enters into Broton City proper as it used to.

Interstate 2 was later completed from Broton to Bayview, at one point following the current routing of Route 202, then running along the western shore of Moruk Bay and crossing into Bayview on the Moruk Bay Bridge. Eventually, with the construction of Interstate 7, Interstate 2 was slightly truncated, with its terminus at the junction with Route 81, just north of Interstate 7, in Avalon, a suburb of Bayview.

Interstate 2 between Spawnton and Riverside is known alternatively as the Southern Freeway. It originally terminated at (what would be eventually called) Interstate 1, but it now continues south from Interstate 1 to a small settlement along the south coast, just southwest of Riverside.

Route tableEdit

JunctionDistance (mi)Distance (km)Cumulative distance (mi)Cumulative distance (km)Seconds traveledSeconds traveled (cumulative)
Route81 Route 81 east
Bayview Downtown
1. Century Ave Rd1.
Begin Interstate 2
2. Route81 Route 81 west
3. I-7 Interstate 7 east
Hertz Ave
4. I-7 Interstate 7 west 50222
5. Template:Route 209 / South Bay Rd 26248
Border of North Heaven and State of Broton
6. Route62 Route 62 / Pennington Rd
Route 202 north
7. Route65 Route 65 2.13.388.2113.04108417
8. Template:Route101 ccw / Broton Beltway
9. Broton State Wilderness
10. 601px-I-5.svg Interstate 5
11. Template:Route101 cw
12. Template:Route19 / Land's End Road
13. Template:Route17 / Cove Ave
14a. ShadowEmpire Blvd
14b. I-3 Interstate 3
15. Template:Route103
16. Template:Route11
17. Main St / Lakeville Rd
18. ???
19. I-1 Interstate 1
20. ???
21. ???
7. Angel Pine Rd0.641.0310.9317.4233557
8. Riverside Rd0.490.7811.4218.225582
9. Route 101 ccw
Airport bridge
10. Wharf Rd0.540.8812.4119.828633
11. Broton Blvd
Stormhagen Blvd
12. Bay Blvd0.991.6014.0622.4651718
13. 601px-I-5.svg Interstate 5 east
Route 101
14. Montis Parkway
South Sea Rd
Border of State of Broton and Central Heaven
15. Winter Hills truck stop0.891.4316.3326.1146835
16. Route 102 east1.382.2217.7128.3371906
17. High St0.991.5918.7029.9251957
18. Spawnton St0.410.6619.1130.5821978
19. Thomas Rd0.540.8719.6531.45291007
20. I-3 Interstate 30.641.0320.2932.48331040
Border of Central Heaven and South Heaven
21. Route 1033.215.1723.5037.651651205
22. Station Rd3.034.8826.5342.531561361
23. I-1 Interstate 10.781.2527.3143.78401401