Interstate 3, also known as the Trans-Heaven Highway, is a major interstate that serves central and southwestern portions of Heaven, including the states of Central Heaven and Western Heaven. Notable cities and settlements adjacent to or passed through by Interstate 3 include Cliffside, Spawnton, Mainton, and Leethill. The western terminus is currently just west of Interstate 503 at Leethill Airport, and the eastern terminus is at the start of Route 40 at the border of Cliffside.

JunctionDistance (mi)Distance (km)Cumulative distance (mi)Cumulative distance (km)Seconds traveledSeconds traveled (cumulative)
Route40 Route 40
xnrand Rd
I-2 Interstate 2 54
Spawnton Truck Stop 26
Route 10 128
Route ??? 164
I-3-Spur Business Spur 3 38
I-303 Interstate 303 149
North Lake Rd 51