Interstate 707 is a north/south-running interstate highway that runs east of central Ithaca, in the Ithaca Metro district of North Heaven

Route descriptionEdit

I-707's southern terminus is a modified trumpet interchange with Route 65, near the Parktown and South Empire neighborhoods of southeast Ithaca. The interchange allows access from I-707 to Route 65, as well as Lawrence Avenue and Cairo Street, and indirect access to the Port of Ithaca; traffic from both directions of 65, as well as from Lawrence Avenue and the Port of Ithaca also have access to northbound I-707 through the interchange.

Just north of the southern terminus interchange is a partial cloverleaf interchange and overpass over Empire Boulevard. Here, I-707 serves as a dividing line between South Empire and Cooper Downs neighborhoods to the west and the Parktown neighborhood to the east. From here, I-707 crosses a rail line, then makes a slight westward curve and a downward slope.

I-707 has a major interchange with Interstate 7 and Ottawa Street, just east of the Armstrong Hill neighborhood in central Ithaca. On northbound I-707, exiting traffic for either direction of I-7 and Ottawa Street is split off, and then traffic entering I-707 from Ottawa Street, I-7 westward and finally I-7 eastward merge into northbound I-707. For much of this stretch, I-707 runs as an underpass under both lanes of I-7 above. Traffic from I-7 east to I-707 north merges at the Warsaw Street overpass bridge, adjacent to the State of North Heaven's Western Regional Government Center.

I-707 here runs along the eastern edge of the Ithaca State University campus, with a complete diamond interchange at West Lake Drive, and an incomplete diamond interchange at Athenian Street. I-707 then curves to the northwest, through an incomplete interchange with University Boulevard, and then curves due north.

I-707's northern terminus is a three-level semi-directional T interchange with Route 81, northwest of North Oaks, on the northeastern fringe of Ithaca.

Route distances and junctionsEdit

JunctionDistance (mi)Distance (km)Cumulative distance (mi)Cumulative distance (km)Seconds traveledSeconds traveled (cumulative)
1. Route65 Route 65
Lawrence Ave
2. Empire Blvd.0.390.630.390.632020
3. I-7 Interstate 7 fork (northbound)/
Ottawa Street
4. I-7 Interstate 7 fork (southbound)1.051.691.963.1654101
5. West Lake Dr.0.641.032.604.1933134
6. Athenian St. (partial)0.580.943.185.1330164
7. University Blvd. (partial)0.520.843.715.9727191
8. Route81 Route 810.250.413.966.3813204