Discussions is a Star Wars forum connected to Wookieepedia. Unlike Wookieepedia talk pages, Discussions welcomes general Star Wars–related conversations. The forum does not use the same MediaWiki software as the wiki, but Wikia logins are shared between the sites. This means anyone with a Wikia account can also participate on Discussions.

Discussions can be accessed via the Wookieepedia app or through the address


Due to its forum nature, Discussions has a separate ruleset, enforced by Discussions Moderators. All Wookieepedia administrators also have moderation powers on Discussions; however, wiki admins have no duty to participate in forum moderation duties. Additionally, Wikia staff also have moderation rights.

List of Discussions ModeratorsEdit


Minor change to RFA requirement #5:

They have had at least some major article contributions.

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They have had some form of major wiki contribution.