• Star Wars in title for:
    • Comic series
    • Story arcs
    • Trade paperbacks
  • Individual issues do not get "Star Wars"
    • Exceptions:
      • Star Wars-specific titles: Classic Star Wars, Star Wars Weekly, Star Wars 22: To the Last Gladiator
    • Specific changes:
      • Star Wars: The Clone Wars changed to The Clone Wars
      • Agent of the Empire
      • Blood Ties
      • Dark Times
      • Dawn of the Jedi
      • Empire
      • Invasion
      • Knight Errant
      • Knights of the Old Republic
      • Legacy
      • Legacy Volume 2
      • Lost Tribe of the Sith
      • Rebellion
      • Republic
      • The Old Republic
      • Vector
      • X-Wing Rogue Squadron
      • Sources list items will get "Star Wars"
    • Series that already do this:
      • Shadows of the Empire
      • Tales of the Jedi
      • Thrawn Trilogy
      • Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire and other miniseries
      • All The Clone Wars webcomics
      • Boba Fett one-shots
      • Most one-shot comics


  • Our system is already so inconsistent, we need to standardize. This method follows suit with how we handle novels, which is only natural.
  • Part of our rationale for the novels CT was based in how novels are presented in official sources, such as The Essential Reader's Companion. Similarly, this follows how comic issues are presented in official Dark Horse sources, such as Star Wars: The Comics Companion and Star Wars: Panel by Panel
  • Makes it easier to distinguish between items in the Appearances list, which becomes more difficult to sort through when everything begins with "Star Wars:"

Comics and magazinesEdit

Do not include the "Star Wars" prefix in the article titles of individual comic book issues or stories. The following exceptions apply:

The preceding rule does not apply to comic series, story arcs, trade paperbacks, or any other compendium publication not typically included in an article's Appearances list. These articles shall include "Star Wars" in their titles.