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Individual administrators can be reached via their respective talk pages or via IRC.

If you're not blocked on the wiki, and your matter is not sensitive, please use the administrators' noticeboard.

If you're blocked on the wiki, please contact the blocking administrator via IRC.

If you believe you've found a bug on the wiki, please contact FANDOM.

For Discussions-related issues, please see Wookieepedia:Discussions.

Still unsure? You can reach the administration via mail at

Social mediaEdit

Wookieepedia has an official social media presence on the following platforms. Note that not everyone with access is part of the Wookieepedia administration.


Our official Instagram account is named @wookieepedia.


Our official Facebook page is located at TheOfficialWookieepedia.


Our official Twitter handle is @WookOfficial.

Press inquiriesEdit

Press inquiries are encouraged to use

For press inquiries related to FANDOM, Wookieepedia's host, please use this link.